CIMBA Spotlight

CIMBA Offers Lifelong Learning

veniceCIMBA not only offers lifelong friendships, but also lifelong ways to continue to grow professionally and personally. For example, dozens of our study abroad students have returned to pursue our MBA programs. Others have completed our Executive Programs only to return to participate in our weekend-long LIFE courses to brush up on leadership, communication, teamwork, and interpersonal skills.

Some of our alumni take part in more informal opportunities. Many reach out to professors for advice on everything from additional educational opportunities to career advice, letters of recommendation, and more. And many return to our Paderno del Grappa campus to be guest speakers, teach, or be part of the Leadership Institute.

Some alumni return simply to see friends, network, or reminisce about their time at CIMBA. Three members of one undergraduate group gave a bottle of wine to CIMBA Founder and President Al Ringleb on the day they graduated. Years later, they returned to campus open the bottle and have a drink with their mentor.