Italy Location

Via San Giacomo 4
31017 Paderno del Grappa (TV)

U.S. Location

The University of Iowa
108 PBB Suite C300
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000

Getting to Campus

There are many options available in order to get to our campus in Paderno del Grappa. We are happy to help you determine the best means of transportation to campus, whether it is public transportation or a taxi. Please contact us at to discuss your plans if you have questions.

Driving to Campus

If you are a local visitor, MBA student, or Executive program student, you will likely drive to campus. We recommend that you follow the directions provided by Google Maps. This link will take you to a pinpoint map of campus. Type in your starting location and get your personal directions to campus. Once you arrive, please park in the lot marked on this map. Other parking areas are reserved for groups who share our campus.

NOTE: If you will be using a GPS such as TomTom or Garmin to navigate to campus, we recommend that you use Via San Giacomo 5 ( not 4) for the address. If you use 4, which is technically the correct address, you will end up in a corn field.

Flying to Italy

We highly recommend flying into the Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) due to its proximity to campus. For study abroad students traveling to campus, CIMBA offers buses to campus from the airport on the first day of the program. An email will be sent to you before your arrival to confirm the pickup time and location.

If you are unable to make the bus or are not a student, you have several options to get to campus using public transportation or a direct taxi. Click here for additional instructions on how to use these options.

For directions on how to drive from the Marco Polo Airport to campus, click here.

If you are flying on one of Europe’s budget airlines, you will likely fly into Treviso airport. Please use the travel instructions linked above to navigate to campus from Treviso.

Arriving by Train

If you will be making your way to campus by train, there are two train stations within 30 minutes of campus. Bassano del Grappa is the closer of the two. It is a smaller train station and would follow more of a local train schedule. Typically to get to Bassano del Grappa, you would be taking a train through Venice.

Castelfranco (Veneto) is slightly further from campus but it is a much larger train station in a major city. Depending on where in Europe or Italy you are coming from, there are likely trains that go to Castlefranco (Veneto) which would be faster than going all the way to Venice and then to Bassano. Local taxis are available at both train stations to get you to campus. More specific information can be found in the CIMBA travel instructions.