West Virginia University

Study Abroad Requirements:

CIMBA is an approved West Virginia University (WVU) Education Abroad program. WVU students must meet the CIMBA requirements for studying abroad. To view the CIMBA admission guidelines, click here.

The Application Process:

  1. WVU students first need to complete an application through the WVU Abroad Website. Students can choose from either the full semester or summer programs.
  2. Once the WVU application is complete, students will need to complete a CIMBA application available on the CIMBA website. Students should be sure to provide all required components, including an official transcript from WVU.
  3. Students will register for a placeholder course to maintain their active student status at WVU and should work with Education Abroad to ensure the transfer of credit upon completion of the program. Enrollment in this course will apply program tuition and fees to the student’s WVU account. These fees can be found on the WVU Abroad website and include both WVU and CIMBA program costs. WVU will pay CIMBA on the student’s behalf.
  4. WVU students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation session through the WVU Office of Global Affairs.

Visa Information:

If you are a US or EU citizen, you will not need to obtain a visa to study abroad, due to the length of the program being less than 90 days.  However, if you are an international student, you will be required to obtain an Italian visa to study abroad with CIMBA.

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

Students will receive credits and grades for all courses taken at CIMBA. Students should meet with their academic advisor about course selection and degree applicability. All courses taken through the CIMBA program are considered ‘in transient.’ Information on WVU transient policies and processes can be found here: https://registrar.wvu.edu/transfer/transient-coursework

Home University Contact Information:

WVU students wishing to study abroad with CIMBA should speak with:

Office of Global Affairs – Education Abroad
101 Purinton House
P.O. Box 6313
Morgantown, WV 26506
Schedule an Appointment