University of Tennessee – Knoxville

Study Abroad Requirements:

Students at the University of Tennessee – Knoville (UTK) must be in good academic standing in order to study abroad.  UTK students must be in good judicial standing in order to study abroad.  Students may not be on judicial probation at the time of their study abroad experience.  UT students must also meet all CIMBA requirements to be accepted for a study abroad program.

The Application Process:

University of Tennessee Knoxville students must apply both with UTK (via the CIMBA program page at and to CIMBA directly. All semester study abroad students are required to meet with an advisor in the Programs Abroad Office, and summer study abroad students are encouraged to do so as well to learn about relevant academic and financial policies and procedures for UTK study abroad students.  Students should call the Programs Abroad Office at 865-974-3177 to schedule an advising appointment.

Application deadlines may be found on the UTK CIMBA program page, and students are encouraged to begin planning for their experience at least 2 semesters in advance if they plan to spend a semester abroad and at least 1 semester in advance for summer study abroad.

Students should complete the Request for Transfer Credit form prior to departure to receive pre-approval for their courses. 

Visa Information:

Due to the program length, US and EU citizens are not required to obtain a visa to study abroad with CIMBA.  UTK international students with other citizenship will need to obtain an Italian study visa for any CIMBA programs.  International students should notify International Student and Scholar Services of their plans to study abroad (

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

CIMBA coursework will count as transfer credit.  UTK students must pass the courses with a ‘D’ or better to receive credit.  Grades will not be factored into the official overall GPA, but grades are factored into students’ GPAs for the state lottery scholarship (Hope Scholarship) eligibility. Students should complete the Request for Transfer Credit form prior to departure to seek approval for CIMBA courses to count toward specific UTK requirements.

Transcripts will be available for request online at the conclusion of the program.

Financial Aid & Scholarships:

UTK students should review the information about study abroad finances and scholarship opportunities at

Home University Contact Information:

Students wishing to study abroad with CIMBA should speak with:

Sarah Knight
Programs Abroad Office
1620 Melrose Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996-3531