Dominic Standish, Ph.D.

Adjunct Lecturer

University of Kent, United Kingdom

Sharing his Passion for Cross-Cultural Communications 

Dominic Standish earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom. He’s taught journalism and ethics, intercultural communication, travel writing, business and professional communication, and business, cultural and society in Europe courses at CIMBA’s study abroad programs since 1997. He’s also taught writing, research, and presentation skills to MBA students and business communication and presentation skills to executive students. In 2011, Standish authored, Venice in Environmental Peril? Myth and Reality. “Our small classes are a big advantage here. My travel writing class tends to have 10 students or less. So we do writing together and integrate it with their travel experiences at CIMBA. Students write a weekly blog, and work on developing key objectives to improve their writing. Then we send a piece of their writing off to be published—places such as newspapers, magazines, etc. I have had students who have gone onto work in all areas of journalism and communications.” One of those students is Joanna Hamel, who attended CIMBA in 2010, and today is director of promotions & special events at Calico International in Denver, Colorado, which offers classes and support to international students studying in the U.S.