University of Delaware

Study Abroad Requirements:

The University of Delaware requires students to have a GPA of at least 2.7 to study abroad.  Students with a GPA below 2.7 may not be eligible to study abroad with CIMBA.  Please note that although the CIMBA admission requirements note a 2.5 GPA, CIMBA does default to the requirements outlined by the student’s home university. 

The Application Process:

Detailed information about the UD application process can be found here.  It is important to note that UD students must complete both the UD study abroad application and the CIMBA Italy application to be eligible to go abroad. UD students must adhere to the UD study abroad deadlines.

Visa Information:

Due to the program length, US and EU citizens are not required to obtain a visa to study abroad with CIMBA.  UD international students with other citizenship will need to obtain an Italian study visa for any CIMBA programs.

International students (non-U.S. citizens) should check that their U.S. visa will be valid until beyond the end date of their study abroad program.  If the U.S. visa will expire sooner, you may need to return to your home country to renew it over the coming months. Many study abroad locations require an additional visa for non-U.S. citizen visitors.  To apply for these visas, your U.S. visa must be valid.  If you have questions, stop by the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

Several CIMBA courses have already been pre-determined for UD course equivalencies. View the UD Transfer Matrix with Course Equivalencies here. Please check with your advisor to determine the appropriate CIMBA coursework for you to take during your time abroad.

Letter grades earned for CIMBA coursework appear on the student’s transcript under Transfer Credit, but the grades are not factored into the overall GPA.  UD Students must receive a grade of C or above in order to earn transfer credits. Transcripts will be available for request online at the conclusion of the program.  Transcripts will not be released until all CIMBA program fees have been paid in full. 

University Registrar – Transfer Credit 
210 S, College Avenue
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

Payment & Financial Aid Information:

During a semester abroad with CIMBA, all payment will go directly to the CIMBA at the University of Iowa (CIMBA’s accrediting university).  No payments should be made to UD during the semester abroad.

For information regarding the use of financial aid while abroad with CIMBA, students should contact UD Student Financial Services at 302-831-2126.

Home University Contact Information:

Jennifer Gregan              
Associate Professor         
Business Administration