Cristina Turchet

Executive Director

Oversight and strategic initiatives of all CIMBA programs, Kepner-Tregoe business development and trainer

CIMBA- Clemson University: Master of Business Administration
University of Venice: Bachelor of Science - Economics 

Joined CIMBA in 1994

My best CIMBA memory: One of my favorite moments was the first Econ class I attended in the MBA. After having what would be equivalent to a Master in Economics from an Italian University, I did not think I would learn much from the class. I was totally wrong as I still remember the practical explanation of the cross elasticity of demand done with something so simple and practical as pretzels and beer. I realized in that moment that all I had studied in my Italian degree was theory and had never really seen the practical application. My brain lit up and I loved every single class.

My favorite place in Italy: Rome because I love the fact that you walk around a 2000 years old monument as you are about to get run over by a ultra-modern Smart car.

In three words, the CIMBA experience is: Memorable, life-changing, and fun

My best piece of advice for future CIMBA students: Just do it