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University of Kansas

CIMBA is a popular study abroad choice for University of Kansas students. KU students have the added bonus of a satellite office located in the School of Business at Capitol Federal Hall #1030P. Please stop by and chat with CIMBA staff and alumni about what CIMBA has to offer. The KU CIMBA office is open: 

  • Monday: 11:15am – 3:15pm
  • Tuesday: 11:15am – 3:15pm
  • Wednesday: 11:15am – 3:15pm
  • Thursday: 11:15am – 3:15pm
  • Friday: 11:15am – 3:15pm

The Application Process:

Applications are not reviewed until all materials are submitted. A complete application consists of:

  1. CIMBA students should submit a CIMBA online application, including an essay and resume.  The KU CIMBA Italy office will send a transcript to the University of Iowa Office of Admissions on your behalf once submitted.  Please note that the application requires the name and contact information for an academic reference.
  2. KU students must also complete the KU study abroad application found here.  
  3. KU students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor about their interest in studying at CIMBA. The advisor will verify which coursework will transfer to help the student meet their academic goals. They may also be able to help choose the best semester to attend in terms of CIMBA course offerings and the student’s academic pursuits.

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

The University of Iowa is the credit granting institution for all CIMBA coursework.

Upon completion of the program a transcript will be sent to the KU CIMBA office for grade posting.  Transcripts will not be released until the program has been paid in full. KU students should be aware that all CIMBA coursework is calculated into their cumulative GPA.

Transcripts are typically released:

Fall Program Attended Spring Program Attended Summer Program Attended
Early January Early June Early August

Payment & Financial Aid Information:

All program costs are paid directly to CIMBA through the University of Iowa U-Bill system.  Please be aware that all KU students studying abroad will be charged a study abroad fee, paid directly to KU.  This fee is separate and is not included in the CIMBA program costs.

Most KU students will be able to apply their financial aid package to studying abroad with CIMBA. However, there are exceptions and KU students are encouraged to meet with a financial aid advisor to have their financial aid package reassessed.  

The KU Study Abroad Office also offers scholarships to all KU students participating in an approved study abroad program, such as CIMBA. Students can find more information at the Study Abroad website.

Typical scholarship application deadlines:

Fall Spring  Summer
March 1 for OSA scholarships
May 1 for CIMBA financial awards
October 1 for OSA scholarships
October 15 for CIMBA financial awards
March 1 

Don’t forget to check out the financial award opportunities that CIMBA offers!

Home University Contact Information:

Leslie Hazlett  
Italy CIMBA Program Coordinator Office of Study Abroad
University of Kansas University of Kansas
School of Business  
Capitol Federal Hall #1030P 108 Lippincott Hall
785-864-7526 785-864-3742

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