Build Your Resume

Many CIMBA students earn certificates in leadership and personal development, problem solving and decision-making—all of which are valuable knowledge- and resume-builders.

Leadership Tools and Technologies

innovation_1Our Leadership Institute is built on a foundation of real-world experiences, assessments, coaching, and groundbreaking tools developed by CIMBA. These tools include educational mobile apps we infuse into nearly all of our programs and classrooms—apps that are also used by executives in corporate training programs in more than 50 countries. For example, one CIMBA-created app, About My Speech, is designed to help people develop effective public speaking skills. This app allows presenters to receive live feedback from their audience during a presentation.

CIMBA Leadership Innovations focus on:

Stress – Learn to minimize the impact of stress

Reactions to and avoidance of stress affects your habits, thoughts, and behaviors. Too much stress in speeches, interviews, and social interactions prevents you from putting your best foot forward. CIMBA has created bio-metric tools and scenarios to help you understand and map your stress in difficult situations such as giving speeches, interviewing, and giving difficult feedback. As you discover your areas of stress sensitivity and begin improvement steps with your coach, you can track your progress towards full expression of your best self.

CIMBA Dashboard – Your personal development journey tracking system

The information from your personal development journey is all stored in one place for simple and easy access. This includes your assessments, which help you understand more about yourself, your journaling, and the other activities you work on within your private coaching sessions.

Health – Lifestyle choices are not just for athletes!

Do you ever wonder how lifestyle choices affect your performance? The CIMBA Dashboard interacts with Fitbit to allow you to track exercise, sleep, food, weight, and other variables so you can learn what lifestyle habits help you perform at your best.

Mindfulness – Respond thoughtfully to experiences

From stress reduction to self-awareness, mindfulness is a critical tool for emotional regulation which is strongly correlated to job performance. CIMBA has developed a mobile app and sensor that allows you to track the changes in your heart rate to help you understand how well you are doing as a beginner. The app provides a useful reference for you and your coach to discuss and assist in getting the most out of your mindfulness practice.

Behavioral Change – Eliminate barriers to success

Maybe you have that one thing about yourself that you wish to change, or maybe you will discover one at CIMBA. Either way, CIMBA has a methodology to guide you through the process of achieving the change you desire. Once you go through the process at CIMBA, you will have a tool that can be used for the rest of your life anytime you find a barrier to success.

Team Performance – Work better together

Have you ever wondered how you can help your team perform at a higher level? Using tools developed both at CIMBA and MIT, CIMBA has behavioral metrics that track key behaviors inside groups. The data is shared with you and your team or individual coach to support developing strategies and behaviors that lead to improved performance.

The CIMBA Leadership Institute is at the heart of our global business education. This groundbreaking, science-based curriculum gives students, managers, executives, and up-and-coming leaders the knowledge to take concrete steps to improve skills related to decision-making, problem solving, self- and social awareness, self-regulation, managing oneself and others, and more. These programs will becomes part of a ‘professional toolbox’ you will utilize throughout your career.