CIMBA Spotlight

Leadership Training Elevates Your People Skills  


Many professionals excel in their technical abilities but are often unsure of themselves in the area of interpersonal skills. CIMBA’s LIFE (Leadership Initiative for Excellence) Program will help you understand the effect of your behavior on other people, and teach you how to develop strategies to improve your people skills. It will deepen your understanding of yourself and show you how to make the best use of your unique personal traits in order to achieve your goals. A key benefit of the program is that it will also help you to identify personal characteristics that may inhibit your success, thus allowing you to make changes. After completing the LIFE program, you will receive a leadership certificate signifying your accomplishment.

LIFE is a three-day, full-immersion training. It is an intensive, highly stimulating course in which participants encounter and practice the skills needed for effective leadership. This program is performance-based, meaning you will experience and practice all leadership training through challenging hands-on exercises rather than passively listening to lectures. The results will lead to increased opportunities for sustainable, personal growth. During LIFE, you will have the opportunity to use biofeedback tools such as a heart-rate monitor to measure your stress levels while participating in activities, helping you reflect on the impact of your behaviors in professional and personal settings. Many students find it eye-opening to see real data describing their body’s physical reaction to stress. Both before and after LIFE, you will take personal growth assessments in order to help you identify strengths, areas for improvements and your style in working with others.

Program Benefits:

 Increase your emotional intelligence for managerial and personal success Increase your ability to focus and take action
 Develop your communication and listening skills Develop a goal setting and action plan mindset
 Enhance your public speaking skills Develop the ability to empower yourself and others
 Learn to speak with power and conviction Learn to transmit passion and enthusiasm
 Increase your ability to influence people Increase your empathy toward other people
 Build your self-confidence Increase motivation to bring about a high–performance workplace