Our consortium schools hold impressive honors
  • Forbes named five of our partner schools to its top 25 MBA programs, and seven to its top 50 business schools.
  • US News and World Report named half of our partner institutions in the top 50 best undergraduate business programs, and 22 were named in the top 50 of public universities. 
  • Nine have the prestigious U.S. Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) grants. 
  • The Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education named all of our partner schools as ‘very high’ or ‘high’ doctoral research universities.

CIMBA Backed by Consortium of Top U.S. Universities

CIMBA partners with a consortium of 36 of some of the top universities in the United States to create a network of universities that actively encourage students, faculty, and staff to seek personal development and growth through international, cross-cultural academic experiences. This consortium, led by the University of Iowa, is a non-profit organization committed to international business, communication, and global leadership development.

The consortium also helps CIMBA draw from the best that the member universities have to offer in terms of faculty and student participants. CIMBA study abroad, MBA, and executive students are taught largely by Consortium faculty from institutions such as the University of Iowa, University of Kansas, University of Colorado, University of Nebraska, University of Delaware, and many more. Having the consortium also makes it easier for CIMBA students to transfer credits back to their home institutions, because there is already a formal academic partnership in place. However, it’s important to note that students and faculty from schools outside of the consortium are also welcome to participate in CIMBA.

Many universities in our consortium have specific procedures regarding the application, admission, billing, financial aid, and the pre-departure process. Check here to read through special policies and procedures.

Consortium Member Schools
University of Alabama – Birmingham University of Georgia Oklahoma State University
University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa Iowa State University University of Oklahoma
University of Arizona University of Iowa Purdue University
University of Arkansas Kansas State University Rutgers University
Brigham Young University University of Kansas San Diego State University
Clemson University Louisiana State University University of South Carolina
University of Colorado University of Michigan University of Tennessee
University of Connecticut University of Minnesota Texas Tech University
University of Delaware Mississippi State University Virginia Tech University
Florida State University University of Missouri University of Virginia
University of Florida University of Nebraska Western Michigan University
Georgia State University North Carolina State University West Virginia University
University of Wyoming University of Tulsa