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Study Abroad Requirements:

University of Colorado-Boulder students who are on academic probation at the time of application will not be eligible to study abroad.  Please note that probation varies somewhat among the schools and colleges at CU.  Students should check with their academic advisor if they are concerned about being at risk for academic probation.  In all other regards, CU follows the study abroad requirements outlined by CIMBA.

The Application Process:

    1. All CU students interested in studying abroad must complete a Study Abroad 101 course and meet with an advisor in the Study Abroad office. Click here for office times and further instructions.
    2. CU business students enrolled in the Leeds School of Business should also plan to meet with Mateo Steiner in the Leeds Global Initiatives office.
    3. CU students should complete both the CU Study Abroad application and the CIMBA application. Students must be admitted to both programs in order to study abroad. Students may complete both applications simultaneously.
    4. Students must attend a CU pre-departure orientation in-person on the CU-Boulder campus.

Important Deadlines:

CU students must follow the CU Study Abroad deadlines as well as the CIMBA deadlines.

  • Submit summer and fall CU applications by: March 1st
  • Submit spring CU applications by: October 1st

Visa Information:

Due to the program length, US and EU citizens are not required to obtain a visa to study abroad with CIMBA.  CU international students with other citizenship will need to obtain an Italian study visa for any CIMBA programs.

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

CU provides a list of courses approved for majors and minors, as well as for core requirements.  Links to those lists can be found here.  These lists are updated approximately once per month.  If your desired course is not listed here, students should submit the course description to the CU Study Abroad office for review.  Course descriptions for upcoming CIMBA programs can be found here.  (Please note: CU does not accept credit earned for the CIMBA Leadership Institute coursework.)

Prior to Summer 2016:
Study abroad credit earned prior to summer 2016 will be counted as CU in-residence credit and will be counted into the student’s overall GPA.

Summer 2016 and after: Study abroad credit earned during summer 2016 and after will be considered pass/fail transfer credit and will not be calculated into the student’s overall GPA.

Transcripts will be available for request online at the conclusion of the program. For questions regarding transfer coursework or transcripts, please contact:

Sarah Westmoreland
Assistant Director
Office of International Education 
123 UCB

Payment & Financial Aid Information:

Students will be charged a $50 non-refundable application fee when they submit their CU Study Abroad application, in addition to the $40 non-refundable CIMBA application fee.  Neither of these fees can be waived.

All study abroad program fees are paid through CU-Boulder. CU students will be charged an administrative fee in addition to the CIMBA program fees.  This fee supports Study Abroad office operations and non-residents will pay a non-resident tuition differential. CU will also bill all students for required international health insurance. Upon signing their CU-Boulder Study Abroad Contract, students will be billed a non-refundable $500 deposit. The remainder of the study abroad program fees are billed at the beginning of the term abroad.

CU students are encouraged to review study abroad program costs here.

For questions regarding study abroad financial aid, CU students should contact:

Ileane Olson
Billings Operation
AssistantOffice of International Education

The CU Study Abroad office offers need-based scholarships for students interested in studying abroad and all students are eligible to apply, including students interested in CIMBA.  For more details, click here.

Home University Contact Information:

Office of International Education   Mateo Steiner 
Center for Community, Rm S355 Global Initiatives Advisor & Manager
303-492-7741 Leeds School of Business – KOBL 225E

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