University of Missouri

Study Abroad Requirements:

Mizzou defaults to CIMBA’s academic requirements for study abroad.  MU students must complete at least one full semester of coursework and be in good academic standing to be eligible to study abroad.  

The Application Process:

Jack and Hayden

Mizzou students take in the view in Bassano, near the CIMBA campus – Fall 2014

All MU students interested in studying abroad must attend a Study Abroad 101 session held daily at the MU International Center.

  • Students should complete the MU International Center Study Abroad application as well as the CIMBA Study Abroad application. You do not need to wait for approval from MU to complete the CIMBA application (both applications may be submitted at the same time). The MU International Center must authorize the student’s application in order to study abroad, regardless of admittance to the CIMBA program.
  • All coursework must be approved by the student’s major department.
  • MU students must complete the MU online study abroad orientation course.



Important Deadlines:

Although CIMBA offers rolling admission, the MU International Center has deadlines for studying abroad that must be observed. The study abroad application deadline for the fall and summer semesters is February 15th.  The spring semester deadline is September 20th.

Visa information:

Due to the program length, US and EU citizens are not required to obtain a visa to study abroad with CIMBA.  MU international students with other citizenship will need to obtain an Italian study visa for any CIMBA programs.

Course Equivalencies & Transcripts:

CIMBA coursework is considered pass/fail transfer credit by MU and is not calculated into the students overall GPA. MU has pre-determined course equivalencies for several CIMBA courses.  To view the approved coursework, click here.  All coursework equivalencies are determined and verified by the MU coursework approval form.

Transcripts will be available for request online at the conclusion of the program.  All CIMBA transcripts are sent to:

Barbara Lindeman
Director of Study Abroad
International Center
N52 Memorial Union

For questions regarding transcripts and study abroad credit, please contact Tiphani Dixon (see below).

Payment & Financial Aid Information:

Undergraduate Students: 
When completing the CIMBA application, MU students will be required to pay a non-refundable $40 application fee directly to CIMBA/the University of Iowa at the time that they complete the application. All other payments for study abroad will be paid through the MU billing system.

Graduate Students (Summer Session Only):
MU will bill graduate students for 6 credits of tuition. MU will forward the resident portion of the tuition to CIMBA/the University of Iowa on the student’s behalf. The remaining portion of the program fee is billed by CIMBA/the University of Iowa directly.

For questions regarding study abroad payments or financial aid, MU students should contact:

MU Student Financial Aid

MU students studying abroad with CIMBA may be eligible to receive scholarships through the MU International Center.  To view scholarship details, click here.

Home University Contact Information:

MU International Center  Tiphani Dixon
N52 Memorial Union Study Abroad Advisor (CIMBA specialist)
573-882-6007 573-882-2805 

Business students should also contact:
Gay Albright
Director of International Relations, Assistant Teaching Professor
Trulaske College of Business International Relations
307 Cornell Hall

MBA students should also contact their advisor in the Crosby MBA Program.

The MU International Center can also be contacted via the following channels:

Facebook  Twitter  Youtube  Pinterest  Instagram