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Drew Marlier, a marketing major from the University of Iowa, attended CIMBA in Fall 2015 where he chronicled his time as a CIMBA blog ambassador. Click below to read about his journey.

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Hike Mount Grappa. Jog Through the Vineyards. Eat Pasta. Fly to Paris. Share a Cappuccino.

Venice-ra“Pinch me. I’m at CIMBA.” That’s what many students say after arriving on campus. Going to school here means waking up to the equivalent of a “once in a lifetime” opportunity day after day. Your first few weeks you may take an international marketing course from an English-speaking professor from the U.S. or Europe, meet with friends to brush up on your Italian language survival skills, grab a bus to Bassano del Grappa to learn about Ernest Hemingway, or pre-book your flights to the European cities you’ll want to explore while you’re here.

While you’re at CIMBA, you’ll live on a beautiful campus at the foot of the Italian Alps in the shadow of Mount Grappa. Depending on the season, you can join hardy bicyclists, hikers, snowshoers, or cross-country skiers who come from around the world to navigate Mount Grappa’s twisting trails. You’ll live in a residence hall where you can choose a single or double room—most of which have a magnificent view of Mount Grappa and all of which are less than five minutes from your classes. If you are attending the undergraduate program or the summer graduate session, your program cost covers breakfast, lunch and dinner at the campus cafeteria, and gives you access to the Hawk recreation room, computer areas, and athletic facilities. These facilities include a  swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, a cardio and weight room, a gymnasium as well as an  outdoor basketball court, tennis court, and soccer field.

Need a break from studying? Get to know the local shop owner across the street who runs the tabacchi where you can buy snacks, newspapers, bus tickets, and more. Walk or jog through local vineyards essential to producing Prosecco, a sparkling wine that originated in the steep hills of Northern Italy and is exported around the world. Mingle with classmates, professors, and locals over a cappuccino at Sports Center Cafe on campus. Or, dive into a community project where you can volunteer alongside local Italians.