Did know?
  • According to Frontier and Amerispan, 90 percent of employers believe students who study abroad are likely to have skills including: cross-cultural communication skills, independence, cultural awareness, maturity, and flexibility.
  • According to a 2014 CIMBA Survey, 97 percent of students report that participating in study abroad increased their cultural competency, curiosity of other cultures, confidence navigating other cultures, and understanding of other traditions.
  • According to Frontier and Amerispan, 73 percent say study abroad is important when evaluating resumes for junior-level positions, and 80 percent of HR executives say it is important for overseas job placement.
  • According to a 2014 CIMBA Survey, 95 percent reported a good return on investment after studying abroad, and 92 percent said their CIMBA education was a good value.

Here’s what some of our alumni had to say about the value of their CIMBA experience:

Emily Shelton

Western Michigan University, Psychology and Marketing

“Participating in CIMBA changed many of my aspirations - in life, in general, and specifically in regard to my career[...]

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Elliot Botten

Thomson Reuters, Marketing

“After completing CIMBA, I was hired by a marketing agency to build its business development channel. I believe the two determining factors in me getting hired were that I had a successful track record of sales, and I had my MBA. The fact that CIMBA focused on leadership and working in collaborative groups helped tremendously […]

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Lauren Wretman

University of Iowa, Journalism

“CIMBA reaffirmed to me that I wanted to be in a challenging career environment, and that I was able to take risks in my life that ended up to be amazingly beneficial. It reinforced that I shouldn’t take the safe road in my career, that I should strive for more in my chosen field, and […]

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Rafael Mora

Purdue University, Management

“I feel more motivated and a boost of confidence in everything I do.”

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Tim Newberry

University of Kansas, Accounting

CIMBA is not only an opportunity to progress your education but also gives you an opportunity to experience Europe on a multicultural level. CIMBA does an excellent job of giving their students the best opportunity for travel on weekends for several reasons. First, Paderno del Grappa is a rural town located 20 minutes north by […]

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Magella Swanson

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Economics

There and Back Again There are many reasons I chose to apply for CIMBA. Among the most prominent reasons was that my brother, Jacob Swanson, participated in the Spring 2014 semester and had come home with nothing but amazing stories and I had seen how much the program allowed him to grow and mature. Even […]

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Katherine Hyde

University of Kansas, Management

I chose CIMBA because I heard so many positive things from my siblings. Two out of my three siblings have attended the CIMBA program and have had nothing but life changing experiences (with the other one saying that was her biggest college regret was not going!). Hearing about their travels and seeing all their incredible […]

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