Mindful Leadership is on the Rise

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The Science and Success of Mindfulness Training


Mindfulness is defined as paying full attention to what you are experiencing in a non-judgmental way. Research that supports the positive impacts of mindfulness training is growing exponentially. Major companies (i.e. Google, Apple, Facebook, and Harvard) are integrating mindfulness practices into their work culture due to its demonstrated effectiveness in improving self-regulation and reducing stress. At CIMBA, we strongly believe in applying the practice of mindfulness and we strive to support the development of this rewarding activity with all of our clients, students, professors, alumni, and staff members.

Mindful breathing, or focused attention on the breath, is the foundational practice of mindfulness and allows you to experience focused attention for a few minutes at a time. With daily practice, you will gradually increase the length of the exercise to 12 minutes of focused attention. Studies have shown that individuals who practice mindfulness can experience personal benefits in as little as a few weeks. The ability to consciously regulate your attention is at the core of well-being and optimal performance. Mindfulness teaches you to respond thoughtfully instead of habitually react to environmental stimuli.

In the context of study abroad or otherwise being out of your comfort zone (ex. attending a class in your non-native language), mindfulness is a tool for making sense of the sensory overload of novel experiences, leading to enhanced self-discovery. CIMBA staff, students, and faculty can engage in daily mindfulness practice and also have the opportunity to experience other types of mindfulness throughout their program. CIMBA students have the opportunity to learn about the science behind mindfulness practice as well as measure, track, and explore their own body’s physiological reaction to mindfulness practice in contrast to other activities like speech giving, school work, or exercise. Some of the benefits highlighted by our alumni include increased self-awareness, concentration, energy, calmness, alertness, and rational decision making.