Clifford Hawley

Professor Emeritus of Economics

West Virginia University

Cliff Hawley, Professor Emeritus of Economics at West Virginia University (WVU), has been teaching regularly for CIMBA since 1995. Professor Hawley takes an active role in reaching out to WVU students about the CIMBA program. “Recruiting begins each September with WVU’s Study Abroad Fair. I reserve a table for CIMBA and provide brochures and other handouts for interested students; I also collect contact information from interested students. Rather than me sitting at the table all day, I ask CIMBA alumni to volunteer their time; they are terrific representatives for CIMBA! I also hold two information meetings – one each semester. At the meeting I show a short promotional film about CIMBA, describe the semester and summer programs, and take questions. Usually I have a few CIMBA alumni help with the meeting. Mostly, I enjoy talking to students who come to my office with questions about CIMBA. I tell students in my own classes that if they are bored with the economic content we are covering today and want to change the subject, they just need to raise their hand and say the word, “Italy.”