Zack Johnson

Finance, Chicago, Illinois

CIMBA Study Abroad Program Fall 2012

CIMBA Network Opened Doors

Zach Johnson attended CIMBA as a study abroad student in fall 2012 and earned his finance degree from the University of Iowa in 2014. “Finding a job right away was tough. Finally, I decided to go through the CIMBA network, reaching out to prior alum from the LinkedIn Alumni page, talking with current CIMBA staff, and getting in contact with people who were somehow connected to CIMBA. I built connections with people that I had never even met, but everyone was so helpful and determined to help a fellow CIMBA student get that first job. Eventually through my constant networking, I landed an interview with a firm in downtown Chicago, which eventually led to a position in an area of finance that I wanted to pursue. The CIMBA family truly looks out for their own, and will do anything possible to help you become who you want to be.”