Paul Mason

Lecturer in Forensic Accounting

University of Kansas

CIMBA has Touched More Than 10,000 Lives

Kansas University Lecturer Paul Mason has taught both undergraduate and graduate students at CIMBA. He says CIMBA’s personal approach to education and life exploration is something he wishes everyone could experience. “It’s difficult for me to comprehend that more than 10,000 students have had the privilege of experiencing a program that is truly second to none. CIMBA has managed to bring an experience to students that will stay with them for the remainder of their lives – and we have all been witness to the experience of the “magic” of their transformation. When I first arrived in Paderno in 2000 I had no idea what profound effect this program would have on me. When you use the phrase, “friends of CIMBA” you actually mean it. It’s not a slogan, a catch phrase or spin. It’s who you are – friends.”