Al H. Ringleb

Founder and President

Leadership and personal development strategy, external relations, life training, professor

Kansas State University: Ph.D. Economics
University of Kansas: Juris Doctor
Graceland University: Undergraduate

Founded CIMBA in 1985

Other notable positions:

  • Professor, Business, University of Iowa
  • Professor, Law and Economics, University of Kansas
  • Professor, Law and Economics, Clemson University
  • Assistant Professor, Law and Economics, Texas A&M University
  • Managing Director and/or Founder of 16 different businesses in a variety of sectors from Europe, to Russia, to China to South America.

My most profound moments with CIMBA:
Hearing on innumerable occasions from students the perfect personal development learning study abroad experience: "I got on the wrong train, headed in the wrong direction, got off at the wrong stop, did not have the correct currency, found the station closed, and discovered my cell phone did not work - but I still got home without incident.”

The best food I've ever eaten while traveling: Spigole all'acqua di mare in Bonagia, Sicily

In three words, the CIMBA experience is: Life-changing, enlightening, inspiring

My best piece of advice for future CIMBA students: Challenge yourself personally every day. Study abroad is not about a vacation photo book; it is about grasping a unique opportunity to create the person you want to be.