Katherine Hyde

University of Kansas, Management

Summer 2015

I chose CIMBA because I heard so many positive things from my siblings. Two out of my three siblings have attended the CIMBA program and have had nothing but life changing experiences (with the other one saying that was her biggest college regret was not going!). Hearing about their travels and seeing all their incredible pictures made me want to go as well. We share so many things that I thought CIMBA could be another great thing for us to share. The class sizes in CIMBA were much smaller then my home university and it made the setting much more personal. I was caught off-guard when the teachers knew my name! Originally I’m from a big city but Lawrence, KS is a relatively small town so the city adjustments weren’t as dramatic as I expected. I learned a lot of things while I was abroad, both academic and personal. I’m confident that my experiences from CIMBA will help me when I get into the business world. I was able to be apart of various company visits and hear different guest speakers in my classes. Not only did they share more information about Italian culture, but about international differences as well. I would highly recommend CIMBA to any student considering it. There are a lot of culture shocks while you’re over there but I wouldn’t trade any missed trains or wrong turns taken for the world!

          Katherine Hyde, Summer 2015