Recruiter Profiles

Clifford Hawley

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Cliff Hawley, Chair and Professor of Economics at West Virginia University (WVU), has been teaching regularly for CIMBA since 1995. Professor Hawley takes an active role in reaching out to WVU students about the CIMBA program…

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Tim Detwiler & Charlene Bunnell

Finance & English-Journalism

Tim Detwiler, (Finance, University of Delaware) and Charlene Bunnell (English-Journalism, West Chester University) first taught for CIMBA during the Fall 2008 semester. CIMBA worked with them so that they could both teach during the same semester. “It was a terrific opportunity for us to have a shared experience and include our daughters in the adventure…

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Tim Detwiler

Instructor & Undergraduate Adviser, Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, University of Delaware

“I first taught for CIMBA in 2008 and have returned multiple times. In addition to teaching, I also serve as an academic advisor. In my role, I am able to students to consider an international program and CIMBA is a great fit for many of them. As an advising unit, we worked with the academic departments to set up course equivalences so that students can easily see…

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Tim Shaftel

University of Kansas, Jordan Haines Teaching Professor in Business

Tim Shaftel, professor of accounting at the University of Kansas, has taught for CIMBA since 1995 and has been actively recruiting students to CIMBA since. Known for his energy and passion in his accounting classes, Professor Shaftel believes that “the best way to recruit students is for to faculty share their enthusiasm with students. You […]

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Barb Caras-Tomczak

Advisor - MBA Program Office and Global Business Center, Western Michigan University

CIMBA is one of the best, if not the best study abroad programs for undergraduate and graduate business students at WMU. The AASCB accreditation has allowed all of our departments to approve direct equivalencies for the BBA core and many of the major courses.

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