Silvia Bordignon

HR Manager, BAXI

CIMBA LIFE Leadership Training & Coaching, 2012 CIMBA Executive Certificate in International Management and Strategy, 2013

I decided to participate in the ECIMS, LIFE training, and coaching programs in order to help me in my new role as the HR Manager in a multinational company.

My objectives were to:

  1. Increase and extend my knowledge in various technical and specific fields
  2. Strengthen behavioral and transversal skills
  3. Gain international perspectives

    I’m very satisfied today as I’ve achieved my objectives and moreover, I use most of what I learned in my daily activities. I’ve developed a mindset focused on the implementation of vision and strategy in order to reach business targets. I’d recommend the CIMBA executive programs to anyone who is looking for a “jump” in his or her professional lives or personal development.