CIMBA Spotlight

CIMBA Needs Your Help

One of CIMBA’s greatest assets is our faculty from universities across the country who can speak firsthand about the benefits of our programs. We rely on our faculty to help spread the word to students, colleagues, and administration to help CIMBA continue its strong presence at our partner universities. We need your assistance to spread the word that CIMBA’s programs are helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders. Below are activities that you can do. Additionally, our Recruiting Materials resource section has downloadable materials that can be used for outreach. Most are ready to use as is, but others can be tailored with university specific information. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

Been to CIMBA before? Hold an info session!
New to CIMBA? You can help, too! Partner with a professor at your school who has been and learn more while you hold an info session.
Show a brief video in your class and collect names of interested students (Pass the names on to the CIMBA team).
Allow a CIMBA alumnus to give a 5 minute presentation to your classes; collect names of interested students.
Encourage your colleagues to open their classes up to 2-5 minute presentations
Distribute brochures in your classes.
Going to CIMBA soon? Great! Send an e-mail to students about your upcoming adventure and what you are teaching, and invite them to join you.
Help out at a study abroad fair.
Set up a display table in a popular commons area with pictures and brochures and a sign-up sheet.
Send e-mails out to students in your department.
Talk one-on-one with students on your campus about CIMBA. If you don’t know the answers to their questions, send them our way and we will be happy to help!
Post a notice on a bulletin board – paper or electronic.
Hang a CIMBA poster on your office door.
Talk with your campus study abroad and business advisors about encouraging participation in the CIMBA program

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Also, please contact us if you have other ideas that you think will work on your campus; we can help!