Learn and then Practice Marketing Strategies

International Marketing focuses on the strategic considerations that drive and integrate the decisions made for each element of the marketing mix. Principal topics include industry analyses, competitive appraisals, evaluations of the firm’s own abilities to compete, and identification of the marketing factors that contribute to the success of a strategy. The course is intended to prepare students to recognize market opportunities and to develop marketing plans as managerial decision-makers.

This two-day module teaches the ideas of strategic marketing with focus on international market expansion. The first component of this course explores how the global business environment impacts the applicability of strategic marketing principles. This is done through a series of lectures and a specific case study.

The second component is built around an international strategic business simulation game. During the module you will work in small groups under time constraints to manage an international marketing company in a fast-paced market where customers are demanding and competitors are working hard to lure away your customers. The simulation game is designed to broaden your understanding of:

  • Target market selection
  • Positioning of brand in each country’s market
  • Value creation in product design
  • Profitability analysis in each country
  • Strategic international marketing planning and management issues
  • Complex decision making

The cost for the International Marketing short course is 1.000€ + VAT. The price includes the class materials and training.

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