Tim Shaftel

University of Kansas, Jordan Haines Teaching Professor in Business

Tim Shaftel, professor of accounting at the University of Kansas, has taught for CIMBA since 1995 and has been actively recruiting students to CIMBA since. Known for his energy and passion in his accounting classes, Professor Shaftel believes that “the best way to recruit students is for to faculty share their enthusiasm with students. You are talking with students about the adventure of a life-time – it should be exciting! Many of these students have never had a passport before; talk to them about all the things they will see and experience outside the classroom.” Professor Shaftel encourages professors who are new to CIMBA to recruit as well. “It’s ok if you don’t have the answers to questions students might ask. Grab a program alumnus to help you and don’t hesitate to direct a student to the CIMBA office or tell them that you will get back to them with an answer. Students love being invited to participate in an adventure with you; this is an especially good approach if you are new to CIMBA. Show a short video to your class (or a colleague’s class) about CIMBA and talk for couple of minutes about how you are going and invite them to join in your adventure.”