Tim Detwiler

Instructor & Undergraduate Adviser, Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics, University of Delaware

CIMBA Business & Economics

“I first taught for CIMBA in 2008 and have returned multiple times. In addition to teaching, I also serve as an academic advisor. In my role, I am able to students to consider an international program and CIMBA is a great fit for many of them. As an advising unit, we worked with the academic departments to set up course equivalences so that students can easily see what courses will count toward their academic programs – most students have no problem fitting a semester at CIMBA into their academic plan. The full-time academic advisor who is responsible for working with all college students doing an international program attended one of CIMBA’s advisor conferences and it was extremely helpful for her to see the program first hand. If you have the opportunity to help an academic advisor participate in the conference DO IT!” 

“I use the posters and brochures provided by CIMBA as well as the short video the CIMBA web site which save me time since they are ready to use. When I teach a large section of Principles of Finance, I use the video and CIMBA website to encourage my students to consider going to CIMBA. There are currently five University of Delaware professors that have taught for CIMBA. We all regularly help with CIMBA interest meetings and get the word out to our classes. We all love to talk about the program and all a student has to do is say “Italy” and someone will bring up CIMBA!”