Tim Detwiler & Charlene Bunnell

Finance & English-Journalism

First taught for CIMBA during the Fall 2008 semester

Tim Detwiler, (Finance, University of Delaware) and Charlene Bunnell (English-Journalism, West Chester University) first taught for CIMBA during the Fall 2008 semester. CIMBA worked with them so that they could both teach during the same semester. “It was a terrific opportunity for us to have a shared experience and include our daughters in the adventure.

While in Italy, Abbey continued her college courses online, and we homeschooled Emma, making tremendous use of the history, art, and culture to enhance her education.” Because of CIMBA’s family-friendly focus, the entire family was included in the many extra-curricular events offered through the semester. Both girls attended the basic Italian course. Abbey participated in the LIFE Leadership program and was then asked to help with the program as an assistant trainer. Emma even got into the action by helping out in the office, earning the nickname “Office Ninja.”

“One of the best parts of the experience was the other professors and the families that we met – we still stay in touch with the friends we made.” Since that first semester, both Tim and Charlene have taught for CIMBA again multiple times – sometimes together, sometimes solo, but each time has been great for both CIMBA and them!