Executive Alumni Profiles

Giovanni Marsili

Production and Logistic Department Director, Chief Scientific Manager, Colorificio San Marco

“From studying humanities to nuclear chemistry, my entire life has been devoted to learning because I’m firmly convinced of the power and beauty of knowledge. In 2004, I attended CIMBA’s Executive Certificate in International Management and Strategy program, with the goal of acquiring business tools but with the unexpected result of changing my perspective…

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Valentino Girardi

CEO, Altevie Technologies

Valentino Girardi, CEO of Altevie Technologies, considers CIMBA’s ECIMS program “a very positive and formative experience”. Valentino decided to participate in the ECIMS program to test out the program…

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Alessandra Rigon

HR Manager, Climaveneta

We have worked with CIMBA programs for certain development and training activities for employees of Climaveneta. In particular, a number of employees have participated in the LIFE Leadership program which is an activity that is not only educational but it is a real life experience, a catalyst of emotions and feelings…

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Silvia Bordignon

HR Manager, BAXI

I decided to participate in the ECIMS, LIFE training, and coaching programs in order to help me in my new role as the HR Manager in a multinational company.

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Francesco Bernardi

Founder of Blumantra

I attended the LIFE program in March 2013. I would suggest LIFE to anyone that has stagnant habits or careers and that needs a shake. It’s also ideal for people looking to be more flexible and who want to clarify their personal and professional objectives.

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Gabriele Villa

Director Sales & Marketing Silca Export Markets, SILCA spa

The LIFE program was a strong and healthy experience for my personality, my thinking, my leadership and my own confidence. The program helps you take a deep journey in yourself that will surprise your senses and your intelligence.

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Luca Seminati

Managing Director, Ideal Work

In 1997, when I started my business, I was only 23 year old; I had very little business experience. For many years I looked for “different” schools to improve my skills and my knowledge. CIMBA’s ECIMS program was a perfect choice for me because I could study and improve my management skills while I continued to run my company.

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Mark Stemberger

Former CEO, Tomplast, Slovenia

I chose to grow the personally handpicked managers in our company (Tomplast group, Slovenia) to grow and empower through ECIMS programme by CIMBA. In fact, I decided to attend the same programme as well in spite of my own MBA degree, which I completed on Clemson University, South Carolina in 1996 (at the time organised by a CIMBA predecessor). Since the world had not stopped evolving in the meantime, so has the body of managerial knowledge vastly expanded in the last (nearly) 20 years…

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