CIMBA provides fast and easy transcript services to all our study abroad students. Credit is issued by the University of Iowa (UI), and students receive a transcript from the UI.

The University of Iowa offers transcript copies free of charge for each CIMBA student at the conclusion of the program. Transcripts can be sent electronically via email or a paper copy by mail.

Request Transcripts Online

  1. Log in to your MyUI using your Hawk ID and password:
  2. Under Student Information, click on the gray tile ‘Transcript Request.’
  3. Read through the information provided, then click on the blue button for ‘Start new transcript Request.’
  4. Read through the information provided, then in the drop down menu, click on the preferred method of request (i.e. ‘Electronic PDF’ or ‘Add Another Address’) and click the blue button ‘Add Detail.’ If you select the address option, select ‘Sealed’ as the handling type and include your address. There is a fee for international shipping.
  5. Read through the information provided. Fill out the applicable fields and click ‘Save Detail.’
  6. On the last page, read through the information provided and Click green button ‘Submit Order.’

All transcripts will be available as soon as official transcripts are released by the University of Iowa. These are typically available within two weeks of the end of the traditional University of Iowa semester schedule, which differs from the CIMBA session dates.

If you have a student who needs early grade verification for circumstances such as graduation clearance or verification of coursework needed as a prerequisite, please contact the CIMBA office directly. While we cannot provide an official or unofficial transcript, we can provide a system generated grade verification with an official letter from our office to avoid any delays for your student. Please also remember that CIMBA is subject to all federal and UI FERPA guidelines. Information regarding grades and academic records will only be provided to advisors with written permission from the student.

All transcript questions can be directed to the CIMBA office at or +1-319-335-0920.