Jake Kuperman

CIMBA Undergraduate Semester Program, Fall 2009, University of Iowa

Jake Kuperman attended the CIMBA undergraduate program in Fall 2009 and is currently working in the Chicago area as an account manager for Kapstone Container Corporation. During his time at CIMBA, Jake developed critical thinking and decision making tools which enabled him to systematically approach job applications, networking, and interviewing opportunities. As an active LEAP Program participant, Jake took full advantage of all aspects of the Leadership Institute to enhance his educational experience. CIMBA’s personal growth assessments and coaching sessions were instrumental in guiding Jake’s transformation from an emotional thinker to a logical one – but the change didn’t come overnight, it’s an ongoing process. Today, Jake credits CIMBA for his ability to take a deep breath, understand his surroundings, and look for the next hand to help him keep achieving his goals. Jake gave back to the CIMBA community while a student on campus. An avid cycler, while at CIMBA he created a bike co-op group so students could borrow and ride bikes around the local area.