Taylor Giroux

Iowa State University, Marketing and Management

CIMBA Undergraduate Semester, XX

“If I was talking to a student about why to do CIMBA, I would explain to them how great the academic program is and how every one of the credits I took met an exact requirement I needed to graduate. I would tell them about all the benefits of the LEAP/LIFE Program and how it truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity that can really set you apart from other in the long run. I would tell them of my amazing travels and how I visited nine countries in Europe as well as 15 cities with Italy. I would tell them of the friendships I built and the multiple times I have already reconnected with those friends from abroad since being home. But most of all I would tell them how CIMBA was the best experience of my life. I would tell them how CIMBA helped make me the person I am today, and that in comparison with some of my friends who studied abroad, I got the most out of my program and had the best time.”