Soft Skills for Managers

This certificate program will teach managers the skills they need to succeed in today’s business! 

The new business models and organizational complexity require rapid action, flexibility, and new managerial skills to properly address unforeseen situations, changes, and critical events that constantly happen in a work environment.

What makes a difference for business results is the quality of interpersonal relationships, the development of people’s skills, the ability to work as a team, and the effectiveness of decision-making processes.

This certificate program is designed for managers and entrepreneurs that specifically need to acquire and develop their managerial skills in:

– Knowing how to motivate teams and bring them to achieve better performances

– Leadership competencies

– Effectiveness

– Understanding team strengths and the areas for improvement

– Simplifying the learning process inside the organization’s complexity.

Soft Skills for managers is a three-weekend course and includes: Problem Solving & Decision Making training, Team Building and Working in Teams training, and LIFE training. All courses must be complete to earn the certificate.

Currently, this course is only taught in Italian.  Click here for information in Italian.

Upcoming training dates:

LIFE training in English To Be Announced
LIFE training in Italian To Be Announced
Problem Solving & Decision Making in English To Be Announced
Team Building & Team Working in Italian To Be Announced

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