Complete a Core Engineering Course Abroad

Engineering students often find it challenging to study abroad and complete classes toward their rigorous degree. At CIMBA you can complete Engineering Fundamentals I: Statics, a core engineering course, or Fundamentals III: Thermodynamics. Both are accredited by the University of Iowa and can be applied toward your degree. These courses utilize the engineering of Northern Italy, Venice, and Europe as inspiration for the content.

During the four week program, engineering students will complete two courses, totaling six credit hours. Typically, this includes:

  1. Engineering Fundamentals I: Statics or Engineering Fundamentals III: Thermodynamics

General education requirement (pick one from the available courses)

    • Humanities
      • Italy Live
      • Classical Mythology
      • Event Planning
    • Social Sciences
      • Introduction to Law
      • Introduction to Marketing Strategy
      • Introduction to Management
      • Global Economics and Business
    • See additional course offerings here


For most engineers, Engineering Fundamentals I: Statics is completed after their freshman year. Occasionally, students are able to take the course later in their academic plan.

To learn more about one of the Engineering instructors for CIMBA, check out this article about H.S. Udaykumar.

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