Safety and Health at CIMBA

At CIMBA, we take extensive health and safety precautions in order to ensure a successful and enjoyable study abroad experience for all our students. Below you will find a link to the student safety and support guidelines. This information will be thoroughly reviewed with our students during pre-departure and on-campus orientation. However, we highly recommend that you – the parent – familiarize yourself with this information as well. This material covers everything from travelers’ insurance to emergency procedures and everything in between.

If your child contacts you from overseas with a problem, it is important to know how to proceed. Our U.S. staff are available to assist with a wide range of issues, including passport loss and monetary wire transfers, and will be able to connect you with the appropriate on-campus staff member. Our on-campus staff in Italy can also be reached directly should the need arise. In the event of an emergency, you may call the 24-hour CIMBA phone line at +39-335-785-1270. (Please note: This phone number is an Italy-based phone line and should be kept open for emergencies only!)

You should also be aware that the CIMBA program and all affiliated staff are subject to federal and University of Iowa FERPA guidelines. Personal and sensitive information pertaining to the student’s academic and health records will not be given out unless explicit written permission has been obtained from the student. If you feel this may be an issue, we advise you to discuss the possibility of obtaining permission from your child before they depart for Italy.