Family Profiles

Brett & Kathryn Reber

“As we prepare to send our fourth child to Italy, we thought it might be helpful to share our CIMBA experience with other parents considering the program for their student. First, let’s talk about academics. We know what you are thinking. This is not simply a semester off or quasi-academic boondoggle. In reality, we were pleasantly surprised by the curriculum requirements and rigor.

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Tim Detwiler & Charlene Bunnell

Finance & English-Journalism

Tim Detwiler, (Finance, University of Delaware) and Charlene Bunnell (English-Journalism, West Chester University) first taught for CIMBA during the Fall 2008 semester. CIMBA worked with them so that they could both teach during the same semester. “It was a terrific opportunity for us to have a shared experience and include our daughters in the adventure…

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