Luca Seminati

Managing Director, Ideal Work

CIMBA Executive Certificate in International Management and Strategy, 2006 CIMBA LIFE Leadership Training, 2007

In 1997, when I started my business, I was only 23 year old; I had very little business experience. For many years I looked for “different” schools to improve my skills and my knowledge. CIMBA’s ECIMS program was a perfect choice for me because I could study and improve my management skills while I continued to run my company. The content and the teaching style were absolutely business oriented. I loved them. A big plus of this experience is the amazing relationships that I still have with the other students, the professors and CIMBA organization. 

I participated in LIFE the year after I finished the ECIMS program. It was a great personal experience. It gave me great confidence in my personal skills and it taught me a lot about leadership. I also learned a lot of great lessons about “the human being behind the business”; this helps me a lot when I work with other people. The LIFE program was so beneficial to me that I convinced all my staff and my business partners to participate. I also “pushed” my mother, a 60-year-old sales manager, to participate. She loved it! LIFE is a great experience for everybody.