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CIMBA Advantage Program for Summer Students

All undergraduates who attend the summer program will participate in the CIMBA Advantage Program (CAP). The CAP program is a series of lectures and events which capture the spirit of CIMBA and are focused on CIMBA’s goals and basic beliefs. Some of these meetings will take place shortly after you arrive on campus to help you adapt to your time abroad. Others, such as the cultural field trips, will be spaced throughout the session. The summer session CAP events are listed below; those marked with an asterisk are optional.

Welcome Orientation

This event takes place during your first night on campus and gives you the opportunity to meet other students, the professors, and the CIMBA staff.

Travel Orientation

This seminar covers everything from reading the train station signs to safety and emergency topics.

Program and Academic Orientation

During this session, the CIMBA staff will share information about the living environment and the structure of program; topics include: how the schedule works, using the sports center, academic life, etc.

Survival Italian Workshops

These workshops will teach you some basic and useful Italian phrases and words that will help during your time in Italy.

Etiquette Seminar

This event precedes the gourmet dinner. It will focus on fine-dining etiquette and highlight cultural differences in proper etiquette.

Global Cultural Comparisons*

You will learn the differences and similarities between cultures on a range of topics, including business practices, families, and even the concept of time.

Daily Mindfulness Practice*

Learn more about the practice and importance of Mindfulness.

Wine History and Appreciation Seminar*

You will learn about the process of wine making as well as the history and importance of the Veneto region in Italian wine production.

Cultural Field Trips*

You can chose to attend a variety of field trips when you are not in class. Examples include visiting Montegrappa and Bassano to learn about WWI history or Possagno to learn about the Neoclassical sculptor Canova.