Faculty Spotlight

Communicate Well to Influence Others

The way you communicate and present yourself within the workplace affects the ways you influence others. Whether it’s how you sound and look, carry on a conversation, develop arguments or talk about your successes, people significant to your business future are noticing your communication skills.

The CIMBA Executive Certificate in Business Communication will provide you with a pathway to a stronger, more successful business presence. This program is designed and presented by leading experts in the field in order to help develop and refine your business communication skills.

The Business Communication Certificate is intended for professionals interested in expanding their business communication capacities and overcoming common communication barriers. This program enhances:

  • profseidel-1130522Written business communication
  • Making compelling arguments
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective team building
  • Public speaking
  • Customer relations
  • Cross cultural communication skills
  • Business conversational skills

This certificate program moves beyond a solid overview of business communication. You will have numerous opportunities to practice and apply your new skills and a log to track your improvement.

Course Objectives

In this course, you will: 

  • Gain a thorough knowledge of the components of successful interpersonal communication
  • Develop an acute awareness of personality and communication style
  • Receive feedback through aboutmyspeech.com on how other people perceive you, to enable you to choose a different style and approach when appropriate
  • Practice the art of active listening, effective questioning, and giving and receiving feedback
  • Improve your nonverbal skills
  • Improve your confidence and ability to manage presentations and meetings, particularly under stress
  • Increase your assertiveness
  • Develop a strong professional and credible image that inspires others’ confidence in you

Course Topics

  • Factors of, and barriers to, successful communication
  • The impact of different influencing styles on others
  • Effective and precise communication
  • Modifying your style for better results
  • Developing empathy and rapport through matching behavior
  • Public speaking skills
  • Developing confidence
  • Managing your nonverbal communication
  • Projecting the right image
  • Presenting yourself with maximum impact
  • Conducting successful and valuable meetings

Course Structure

The program meets for three, two day sessions over three months. Classes are on Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm on both days. Each month covers a different module of the program, which are listed below.

Effective Business Presentations
Understanding your audience and your goals of communication with this audience is the prime focus for this module. Whether correcting a mistruth, building or improving an image, or simply giving information, you will learn appropriate and effective ways to communicate on behalf of your company.

Public Speaking
Studies indicate that public speaking is one of the most feared things in life. . This module will give you the tools to speak fearlessly in front of 20, 200, or 2000 people. By spreading enthusiasm, inspiring confidence, and demonstrating integrity, the effectiveness of public speaking increases dramatically. Share your vision and message. Take your ideas from the back of the room to the boardroom! By learning and practicing the techniques behind public speaking, you will be able to affectively share your vision and message with your audience.

Cross-Cultural and Effective Meetings
In an ever-increasingly globalized business climate, it is imperative to be able to communicate cross-culturally. Through this module, you will examine how people from differing cultural, religious, national, and racial backgrounds communicate. This course will give you the tools necessary to help you more effectively communicate with people and groups with differing backgrounds and perspectives from around the world.


The tuition cost for the Executive Certificate Effective Business Communication is 1,500 Euros + VAT.

To talk with a CIMBA staff member about our Executive Certificate in Business Communication, contact us at executive@cimbaitaly.com or call +39-0423-932120.