Build Your Managerial Toolbox

CIMBA Executive Short Courses allow you to develop an in-depth understanding and/or the practical application of a specific business tool, technique, or process. CIMBA’s courses are all taught in English (unless otherwise noted) at our Paderno del Grappa campus and vary in length from one day to one week. Executive education courses at CIMBA are far more than just business theory, the classroom atmosphere includes not only expert teaching but also real life examples and an interactive environment which mimics the corporate world. Our rigorous approach goes beyond simply teaching theories, but instead encompasses how they must be applied for the effective practice of business management. At CIMBA, we provide you with a broad and deep understanding of a specific topic or tool, and then give you a practical context in which that tool is used. This allows you to become the most effective manager.

Whether you choose a CIMBA short course from the area of knowledge, rational process, or leadership development, the outcome is certain: you will emerge as a better thinker with a firm grasp on how to effectively apply that thinking to the managerial and leadership issues you are facing.

To talk with a CIMBA staff member about our Executive Short Courses, contact us at or call +39-0423-932120.