Ali Maloy

CIMBA UG Semester Program, Spring 2000, University of Kansas

Ali attended CIMBA’s very first undergraduate semester program in spring 2000. She says “my experience studying abroad with CIMBA opened my eyes to of all of the beautiful cultures, people, and places this world has to offer. As a result, I chose to travel extensively after my time in the program”.

The people she met while at CIMBA – the professors, other students, and travelers, opened doors to countless professional opportunities for her. After spending nine months in northern Italy, she returned to the University of Kansas for her graduation in 2001 and worked in public accounting in a variety of industries including a global real estate services company and an international hotel chain. She had the opportunity to work in cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and Moscow. While at CIMBA, “I learned how to rely on myself and deepened my problem-solving skills – when your parents are a half a world away, they can’t come to your aid when you get lost in a city filled with people and signage in a different language than your own!.” These skills have served her well throughout her career, but especially now as she leads her own company. In 2006, Ali embraced the entrepreneurial spirit which was fostered at CIMBA and started her own accounting firm. Lone Tree Accounting serves small businesses in Omaha, NE and around the world by proving complete financial services to them – freeing them up to focus on their own industries.