AVC – Al’s Video Chat

March 25, 2021, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Who: Dr. Al H. Ringleb
When: March 25 | 6 PM CET
Where: Zoom

In our last AVC together, we talked about my Bigger-than-Self goals and the Basic Beliefs and Values that support them.

For many the logical question that follows is “What could I do in my professional and personal lives to satisfy those Bigger than Self goals?”.

That question will lead us to the necessary development goals, both Professional (degrees, certificates, other training) and Character (critical thinking, decision-making, and behavior).

We would like us to focus on Character Goals because, in contrast to Professional Goals, we have more to share in common.

Dr. Ringleb, in his years of working with people in forming their character development journeys, has observed an interesting pattern in that development among successful professionals.

Those observations have guided him in focusing on what he has called “My Five Best Character Traits for Life.” In this Chat, he would like to focus on those five-character traits and why they are on his list.

His motivation for this topic arises from several emails he has received from former students and alumni. As they begin to explore what it might take to improve those skills, they had become overwhelmed with the possibilities. In this case, the question is generally something like “What should I work on first?”. In that spirit, he would like to share with you what, for him, are “My Five Best Character Traits for Life.”

His fear has always been that if he expresses his personal preference students will somehow believe that his preference is the “correct” viewpoint and thus should be their preference. And that is just simply not true.

Examining a student’s thinking process is about learning; telling, or event strongly suggesting, a student what they should (or must) believe is about coercing.

From this standpoint, he has never felt comfortable sharing his personal preferences or beliefs in a classroom, or other learning environment.

That said, he can certainly understand the curiosity students might have and he thinks it is only fair that they ask: “Does the professor actually practice what he teaches?”. And so here we are.

Please let’s all recognize it as a Chat, and not a teaching, or worse, a preaching platform.

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