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  • Furman University
  • 2022 Fall

Viva La Travel Weekend 10/12/22

The schedule at CIMBA allots two travel weekends and a travel week during the semester program. For the first of these travel weekends, my friends and I decided to go to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano and explore the Amalfi Coast. To see each of these places, we had to hop from train to train to […]

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  • Phillip
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2015 Fall

The Difference Between Northern & Southern Italy 11/23/15

Thinking of tasting amazing new Italian creations? Take a trip to southern Italy. After my time in Naples and talking to a few other travelers I have found that Italian culture varies greatly between the north and the south. When you think of Italy what is the first thing that pops into your head? For […]

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  • Mia

The Longest Trip-Napoli-Roma-Assisi-Firenze 12/01/14

Ciao!!! This post will be the longest and contain the largest amount of pictures. For the whole 8th week, Jaein, Ham, Jinshu and I traveled around mid part Italy. Our Itinerary was Napoli-Roma-Assisi-Firenze. In English, the names are a little different: Naples-Rome-Assisi-Florence, but I prefer to use the original name since it is more comfortable to […]

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  • Melissa
  • Virginia Tech University
  • 2014 Fall

Around Italia in 10 Days 11/26/14

Part of the uniqueness of the CIMBA program is its emphasis on learning through experience, with which I wholeheartedly agree. In total, students get about 27 days of travel in a semester of only 89 days. That’s 30% travel time, which has been so great, but in reality each of us has been looking forward […]

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  • Kim
  • Mount Mercy University
  • 2013 Fall

The Tour of Italy 11/12/13

This past week has been a blur of tours, sights, food, culture, and so much more! We had our first travel break this past week which meant we had a week off of school to travel around Europe. Many CIMBA students traveled to places like Paris, Dublin, London, along with many others. However, for our […]

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