The Longest Trip-Napoli-Roma-Assisi-Firenze

Written by Mia December 1, 2014


This post will be the longest and contain the largest amount of pictures. For the whole 8th week, Jaein, Ham, Jinshu and I traveled around mid part Italy. Our Itinerary was Napoli-Roma-Assisi-Firenze. In English, the names are a little different: Naples-Rome-Assisi-Florence, but I prefer to use the original name since it is more comfortable to book trains, and has cultural value as it called.

Since it was the longest chance to wander around Italy, we wanted to visit as many as possible and set a tight schedule. We had enormous attractions – famous for travelers – but there was a main place for each 4 cities.

For Napoli, it is the first place in the world that PIZZA invented. There is a restaurant over 200 years old, renowned for the first pizza. In Rome, of course it has plenty of precious attractions but for me Vatican City was the first place to go.  Assisi wasformed aa a village with St. Francisco as the center figure. St. Francisco is one of the precious saints that the current pope’s name comes from. Finally, I wanted to try beef tripe burgers in Firenze. It is a specialty in the Central Market near the leather market.

Among these main plans, do you think we succeed to attain all the goals? Answer is NO. Even though we planned ahead, travel is full of unexpected happenings that cannot be settled ahead. Even though it was not successful for all the factors, our overall evaluation is “A” for travel!


This place is famous for Pizza and the Santa Lucia Port. Actually, the port has been selected as the world’s top three ports with the most beautiful scenery. We arrived in Napoli very late so we had to be satisfied seeing a nightscape.santa lucia 3 santa lucia 2 santa lucia


In napoli, we also visited pompei national park. As we know, pompei is the place that had a volcano eruption about 2000 years ago. Even though it happened so long ago, the place was so well preserved that people can see the urgency in those time.

pompei 5 pompei 4 pompei 3 pompei2



The Colosseum Arch of Constantinus Rome Vatican City

I went up to Cupola which is the cealing of the Church



Another beautiful church  San Francisco Assisi


20141105_105315 duomo in firenze 20141107_170337 firenze

I failed to eat pizza in Napoli but there is no regret because I still learned lots of values during the travel. It is experiencial value that I cannot learn from reading books. I have so many things to share but life in Italy keeps going on so I will stop here today.