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  • Mia

It is the City, Milano! 11/20/14

Ciao! The second week has passed even faster than the first week. This week, our team was included in the LIFE program, which is a renowned leadership program. It required me to have great focus on my life plan and the way to be a leader. After graduating from the program, I recognized why CIMBA […]

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  • Peyton
  • University of Arkansas
  • 2014 Spring

The Best of Paderno del Grappa 02/18/14

I have gotten so caught up with writing about my travels every weekend; I just came to the realization that I have not touched on my life here in Paderno del Grappa, and I am already at the halfway point this week. CIMBA has kept me so busy with so many programs, seminars and activities […]

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  • John
  • University of Delaware
  • 2014 Spring

A Life Changing Week 01/29/14

Its funny.  They say that the second rep of an athlete’s exercise set is his strongest rep.  Well, I feel my second week of CIMBA has been and will be the strongest week in terms of my personal growth via study abroad.  This week I successfully completed LIFE and overcame the challenge of planning my […]

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  • Danielle
  • Iowa State University
  • 2014 Spring

Bassano, Florence, and more! 01/28/14

The first few weeks here at CIMBA have been both relaxing and busy. There have been many days where I have been exhausted from all the things we were doing, but other days where I feel like I have a lot of time to myself. The first weekend here, we took a bus to Bassano […]

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  • Christopher
  • University of Kansas
  • 2013 Spring

Extra, Extra read all about it 04/02/13

Ciao, For me one of the biggest reasons for picking this study abroad program over the hundreds of others, besides its location, was the fact that it had several extra programs that were structured to facilitate extra experiences that would not be available in other programs. These programs are LIFE, LEAP, and CAP. LIFE (Leadership Initiatives For […]

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