Best Food Ever!

Written by carolinepotts April 12, 2024

Last week, my friends and I went to Bassano a couple of days ago and asked for a table at a restaurant. “We can get you a table,” the hostess responded. “But only for three hours. Is that okay?”

Americans have no trouble eating quickly, so we nodded and sat down. But it got me thinking. While I miss United States meals (especially the ease of drive-thrus and ice-cold beverages), European meals are an experience. I have really enjoyed sitting in beautiful restaurants for long periods of time and enjoying my friends’ company while eating delicious cuisine, rich in flavor and history.

Munich, Germany — My family visited me a couple of weeks ago, and we spent the four-day weekend road-tripping through Switzerland and Germany. We stopped along the way to visit quaint mountain towns and see spectacular views of the Alps, making it one of the best weeks of my life.

While in Germany, we went to Hofbräuhaus München, Munich’s famous beer hall. While the food and drinks were good—I loved the Spätzle especially—the atmosphere was even better. A brass band played, and people watched from their crowded tables as couples danced to the catchy tunes. It felt like a movie, and I enjoyed every minute.

Add a Seat — After a week of traveling, my family returned to the States, leaving me to finish the semester. A day after they left, I participated in Add a Seat, a program where CIMBA students have dinner with an Italian family in the area. I went to dinner with a family living near my campus, and we spent hours discussing over our amazing food. They served gnocchi and pork, both so flavorful, and ended the meal with a tiramisu, which one of the kids made for the meal. It was all so delicious!

“Do you like going to American football games?” I was asked by one of the kids. I nodded before asking, “And do you like watching football here?”

She shrugged their shoulders and said, “I want to see an American football game. With the big crowd.”

“At my school, we wave to children in a nearby hospital,” I told her, proud at the thought.

Her mom’s eyes went wide. “That’s good. Then, when the football players get too hurt because the game is harsh, they can go straight to the hospital!”

She’s not wrong.

Palermo, Sicily – I spent my last week in Sicily, and what a weekend it was! Our Airbnb was right by a clamoring street, housing long lines of little stands. Some had fruit lined up in long, pretty lines, while most had seafood galore. On Saturday evening, nearly half of CIMBA’s Spring 2024 class filled a little Sicilian restaurant. I had spicy lemon pasta, and it was unique and amazing. I didn’t just enjoy my food but also my company. I loved having all my friends around me to discuss finals, crack jokes, and reminisce on memories.

Twelve weeks have never gone by that quickly, and I have never made so many friends so quickly. It was during that meal that I realized I wouldn’t just be taking back my hundreds of memories and little souvenirs. Now, I have friends I will stay in contact with and meet up with for football games, lake days, and long weekends. I can’t wait to see what adventures will happen with my new friends, but I am sure there will be plenty.