Sunday Market near CIMBA!

Written by Mia September 30, 2014


Today, I am going to introduce Sunday Market near Paderno del Grappa which is near our campus. The Sunday Market open in Crespano is 20 minuites away by walk. As we can see from its name, it opens evey Sunday but not in cold winter.

On this weekend, I, Jaein, and Ham were tired from traveling every weekend, so we decided to stay on campus but took a short trip to the Sunday Market. Charles, who was also free this weekend, had heard about the market and introduced us. Since the cold winter was coming, and it seemed the Sunday Market would close in few weeks, we went to the market.

It was so beautiful while going to Crespano.  Monte grappa was just inside my view.monte grappathe way to crespano

Whenever I see the scenery around Paderno, it makes me calm. I was curious about the farmland life but, country life, especially Italian farm life seems pretty settled and healthy. One day, I really want to hike monte (mountain) Grappa to feel even more fresh air.

arriving market!crowd in market

These are Sunday market views. Because of the weather, atmosphere was fresh and warm. There were many Italians who seem to come often for shopping. I mean, it was full of Italians who think of Sunday market as their daily life. Some families came to walk around with their dogs, some brought huge carts to shop for the week meals.



Isn’t it beautiful? Italian Market has floral parts. Smell around here was sweet and romantic. I haven’t seen floral parts in Iowa markets anywhere. I love flowers so I became really happy.

fruits and vegies

I know Italian fruits are famous so I anticipated to try while I stay here. Crespano’s market had this large shop (actually, more than one); I was surprised! My friend, Charles asked a shopper, ‘how much is an apple?’ and the shopper gave him a free apple which was very sweet and fresh!


Another amazing sight was seafood! Seafood was sold outdoors which is very new to me! I really wanted to buy some king shrimps, however, I had no way to cook those at the dorms otherwise I would have to eat those raw. So, I just looked at it.

italian grand papa

I met an Italian grand papa in the market! The gentle man came into the screen while I was taking selfies! He became my friend very quickly. I found Italian gentlemen are kind and friendly.


Last Photo is me with Gelato! I think wherever the crowd are, there are gelato stores in Italy. This time I tried toffee coffee and lemon flavor and it was fantastic!

See you!