How to Come to Terms With Saying Goodbye to Your New Home Away from Home

Written by Adam December 21, 2016

Last time I'll see room 427

Finally got my KT certification

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Last travel weekend- Barcelona


I’m writing this with a mix of emotions ranging from Happiness that finals are over to sadness that this adventure has come to an end. From what I’ve discussed with other people in the program, they’re not far off from where I am. We are obviously all happy to have made it through finals, but that also means leaving Paderno and only being able to take our memories with us. 

Though I will be doing a reflection post once I get home, I want to express everything that I am feeling and thinking about right now. It may sound like sort of a confessional post, but this is what we are all feeling. We have all changed. People say a lot about study abroad changes who you are and how you may feel like it’s a bunch of bologna and just think it’s classes and a vacation. But, I strongly disagree. You get a new view on culture and your own life. It’s a three month break from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced American life. With your whole community left behind, you get to build a new one in a new place. I came here knowing no one and I am leaving with a whole new family. Pretty crazy what three months away from the usual things in life does to you. Of course, I kept up with friends and family back home, but in my heart and mind, there is a new urge to just go be with my CIMBA friends and be in the moment and re-tell the stories later. 

Now I want to get to the things you should prepare for right as you’re leaving you home away from home. During finals week, do your laundry and pack. Make sure to find time to do it because if you have the last final of the day on Friday, you will only have an hour to pack up and check out. Secondly, I suggest that if you’re staying until the next day and flying out of Marco Polo airport, book a hotel with a lot of people in your program because the bus will drop you off there after they take people to the airport. I suggest the Best Western Titian Inn which is about a mile from the airport and has a shuttle. I’m actually writing this post from the Inn now and it’s pretty great. I’m staying in a room with two others and it’s only 90 euro a night total for three people. Just keep note of that tip because a lot of people were really stressed about finding a hotel the night before their flight, and it was during finals week – even worse.

Now to quickly jump back to my last thoughts as I literally just left Paderno two hours ago; I couldn’t have been more thankful for the discussion-based class sizes because I learned a lot more here than I would have back home. I’m thankful for being able to get away from my usual lifestyle and opening my eyes up to new things. I’m thankful for all of the people I’ve become great friends with. (Sorry if this feels like a belated Thanksgiving toast – it’s not.)

And for my compadres that were in LIFE with me reading this, 1 0 7 6 we are all as tough as bricks.

‘Til next time Paderno,

Adam Shapiro