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  • Adam
  • Western Michigan University
  • 2016 Fall

How to Come to Terms With Saying Goodbye to Your New Home Away from Home 12/21/16

Ciao, I’m writing this with a mix of emotions ranging from Happiness that finals are over to sadness that this adventure has come to an end. From what I’ve discussed with other people in the program, they’re not far off from where I am. We are obviously all happy to have made it through finals, […]

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  • Mia

Post CIMBA- Invaluable Experience 01/03/15

Hello! Ciao! This is Mia back in the USA and my CIMBA life is totally over with this last blog. Looking back at the last semester, so many things remain giving me lots of memories and experiences. I really wanted to put all of them in these blogs but those experiences were difficult to express in words.  […]

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  • Jennifer
  • Furman University
  • 2014 Fall

My Story through Scarves 12/31/14

Ever since our first trip to Cinque Terre I have been purchasing scarves that represent my experience in the city. Looking at them all lying across the ground I saw far more than fabric, I see a journey that has come to an end externally but just begun internally. It was really strange to look […]

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  • Mia

My list trip in Italy – Venetia 12/19/14

Ciao My plan during the semester was to travel to most of the cities in Italy. After spending 12 weeks in Italy, I almost reached my goal.  Reflecting on these journeys, I saw the very southern part, beaches, capital cities, fashion, mid parts, and others. However, there is one last mission for me, VENETIA!!! Venetia… It was also one of my dreaming […]

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  • Danielle
  • Iowa State University
  • 2014 Spring

Final Week at CIMBA 04/18/14

As my journey was coming to an end, I experienced a whirlwind of emotions. I was both happy to be going home and to be done with school, but sad to leave Europe and all my amazing, new friends. I was shocked by the variety of students that were at CIMBA. I met students from […]

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