What a life!

Written by Abbey October 16, 2019

My mornings start differently than most students here at CIMBA because I don’t wake up to eat breakfast at the time it’s provided – 8 am. Instead, I make my way to the local cafe next to campus where you can purchase delicious, handmade pastries when you conveniently “miss” breakfast.

As far as classes go, I landed the most amazing CIMBA schedule with three A block courses and one B block course. This means that I have busy Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while my Tuesdays and Thursdays are more open. 

Although classes run from Monday to Friday, the professors typically do not give out homework during the weekends which is amazing! I have been able to complete my homework during the week in-between or after classes so that I do not have to carry textbooks or notebooks with me when I travel! The workload is comparable with my home university courses which makes it an easy adjustment. Although we only have 12 weeks of classes here, the classes are structured so that we receive all the information we would have back home. This is made easy with the size of classes. My biggest class has 25 students and my smallest has 6 (including me) which means I get to know my professors and classmates very well.

In between classes, we have lunch where all of the students come together to discuss their classes and weekend plans. After classes are over for the day, there are many planned events for the students and the staff to bond. Just recently, we had a movie night followed by an exciting volleyball tournament between the undergraduates and MBA students. We also had a special dinner with the Italian students where we had breakfast for dinner!

You never know what to expect here in Paderno… Everyday brings new adventures and memories!


Ciao for now,